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Vindplaats:B 2.48 
Titel:Warfare Patriotism Patriarchy 
Auteur: Dr. R. Rosandic, Dr. V. Pesic 
Samenvatting: An analysis of the educational functions of the latest generation of elementary school textbooks was made in 1993 as a project of the Center for Antiwar Action and the MOST Group from Belgrade. Engrossed with the project of establishing a foundation for the development of a culture of democracy and peace, the authors of this latest analysis are concerned with specific textbook messages dealing with patriotism, national (ethnic) relations and possible sex discrimination - for they consider these to be topics which are extremely current and pivotal for the times and society in which we live. This constitutes an introduction to a more extensive project of comparative research of textbook literature in primarily Balkan countries, which should later become part of similar research in Europe. We hope that the research results will set discussion in motion in the professional public and will prompt changes in textbook literature towards a more peace-loving and modern school socialization.  
Uitgever: Centre for Anti-War Action Assosiation MOST, Belgrade 
Jaar van uitgave: 1994 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
Ondertitel: The Analysis of Elementary School Texstbooks  
Opmerkingen: in Archief. Er staan een paar tabellen in en het boek eindigt met glossary.  
Aantal pagina's: 127 
Trefwoorden: oorlog, pattriotisme, patriarchaat, onderwijs, schoolboeken, geschiedenis, gender, vrouwen, deugden,