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Vindplaats:B 2.29 
Titel:Getting to Yes 
Auteur: Roger Fisher, William Ury, Bruce Patton, 
Samenvatting: Here is a greatly expanded, 10th anniversary edition of 'Getting to Yes', recognized worldwide as the most effective and practical guide to negotiation. Published in more than 20 languages, it has helped millions of people turn adversarial haggling into constructive joint problemsolving. Everyone negotiates something every day: conflict ia a growth industry. Everyone wants to participate in decisions that affect them, and whether in business, government or the family, people reach most decisions through negotiations. A few powerful, easily remembered principles will guide you to success no matter what the other side does or whatever tricks they resort to. Contents of 'Getting to Yes': - Don't bargain over positions - Saparate the people from the problem - Focus on interests, not positions - Invent opinions for mutual gain - Insist on objective criteria - What if they are more powerful? - What if they won't play? - What if they use dirty tricks?  
Uitgever: Century Business Books 
Jaar van uitgave: 1992 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
ISBN/ISSN: 0-7126-5528-X (pbk) 
Editie: Second edition 1992 (twice) 
Ondertitel: in Archief. Negotiation an agreement without giving in. 
Opmerkingen: Revisted new edition.  
Aantal pagina's: 207 
Trefwoorden: onderhandelen, methodieken, overeenkomen, onderhandelingen,