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Vindplaats:C 2.29 
Titel:My people, the Unkechaug. 
Auteur: Lone Otter, Chief 
Samenvatting: Who were these people the Europeans called Unkechaugs? That's a very good question and being a Unkechaug myself, the question has been going through my mind for many years. I have asked and received many various answers, many of which have been misleading or stereotypical propaganda that has been perpetuated by the black or the white race. Most authors were biased, pushing their own pet theories and interpreting events via their own socio-ethnic values and historical viewpoints, causing distortion and total confusion of whatever little facts were known. I was not satisfied with the answers that I received and began research into who I am. In finding out who I am, I found out who my people are. The first thing I did was to look for all types of information regarding the Long Island Indian. I found that this information was varied, depending upon the author, his religion and his attitude toward the aboriginal people. Each author took a different tack with regard to how he was going to go about explaining the demise of the Long Island people called Indians. This made me look even deeper and compare the information being distributed to youngsters coming up today and information from old textbooks and literature available. 
Uitgever: De Kiva, Amsterdam 
Jaar van uitgave: 1992 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
ISBN/ISSN: 9074268013 
Ondertitel: The story of a Long Osland Indian Tribe. 
Foto's: vele zwart/wit 
Opmerkingen: kaartje op pag. 43 en 85 
Aantal pagina's: 108 
Serie: Kiva Monograph Series 
Trefwoorden: indianen, Verenigde Staten, kolonialisme, mensenrechten,