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Vindplaats:C 2.17 
Titel:American Gulag 
Auteur: Dow, Mark 
Samenvatting: Before September 11, 2001, fes Americans had heard of immigration detention, but in fact a secret and repressive prison system run by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service has existed in this country for more than two decades. In American Gulag, prisoners, jailers, ans whistel-blowing federal offixcials xcome forward to describe the frightening reality inside these INS facilities. Journalist Mark Dow's on-the-ground reporting brings to light documented sases of illegal beatings and psychological torment, prolongged detention, racism, and inhumane conditions. To provide a reamework for inderstanding stories likethese, Dow gives a vrieg hjhistoruy of immigration laws and practices in the U.S. - including the reperdcussions of September 11 and present-=day plolicies. His book reveals that current immigration detentions are gest inderstaad bnot as a well-intentioned response tot terrorism, but rather as partt of the larger contaxt of INS secrecy and excessive authority. 
Uitgever: University op California Press, Ltd. 
Jaar van uitgave: 2004 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
ISBN/ISSN: 0520239423 
Ondertitel: Inside U.S. immigration prisons 
Aantal pagina's: 413 
Trefwoorden: Verenigde Staten, gevangeniswezen het, gevangenen, politiek, mensenrechten, vluchtelingen,