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Vindplaats:B 6.81 
Titel:The New Unionism 
Auteur: Ken Coates, Tony Topham  
Samenvatting: At the time of severe crisis in the Labour Movement, there has never been a greater need for rethinking about the aims and methods of socialism. Ken Coates and Tony Topham, who 'have been tireless in their arguments within the Labour Movement about its future', here set out proposals for a new unionism to replace the present bureaucratic structures. In presenting the case for full self-management as the only way of attaining a rational and humane society, the authors deal with both the opportunities and the dangers, with genuine workers' control and with illusory schemes of 'participation'. A Hugh Scanlon said in Labour Weekly, The New Unionism will be welcomed by trade unionists and labour activists... The continued march of the Movement... will be aided by this book. The ferment of ideas contained in it mirrors the ferment of activity in the Movement itself. It can be warmly recommended.  
Uitgever: Penguin Books 
Jaar van uitgave: 1974 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
ISBN/ISSN: 0 14 021811 4 
Editie: Eerste druk 19972 
Ondertitel: The Case for Workers' Control 
Opmerkingen: In Archief. 
Aantal pagina's: 280 
Serie: a Pelican Book 
Trefwoorden: New Unionism, vakbond, geschiedenis, politiek, handelsorganisaties, arbeidersbeweging, Labour Movement,